OCD affects everybody differently. What might be a molehill for one person can be a mountain for another. But for everybody, getting better is about challenging yourself and winning small precious achievements against the OCD bully.

So what have you been able to do today? . . . Have you been able to get out for the first time in ages or managed to do your CBT task or cut down on a ritual?

What ever your success please share it with us all. Feel proud and inspire us all.

  • wombat140's picture
    Wombat140 on 3rd June 2014
    Rocky the last few days, but I haven't had a serious crisis (one involving any other people having to do something to resolve the OCD issue, I mean) since Saturday night.  Praying for it to continue, for everyone else's sake!
  • grams88's picture
    grams88 on 27th May 2014
    When I was doing the volunteering yesterday I started getting the intrusive thoughts followed by anxiety but I didn't try to find a solution for the thoughts that I was having.Kick ocd butt 
  • helenblackwell's picture
    fighterlass23 on 23rd May 2014
    I am proud of myself for getting through my degree whilst battling the joy of OCD yes
  • truddles's picture
    Truddles on 11th May 2014
    Yesterday I surprised myself by managing to give one of the inspirational talks at the OCD Action conference without feeling self conscious or having any problems. I'm so glad that I didn't give in to my OCD.
  • truddles's picture
    Truddles on 30th April 2014
    Tuesday I managed to go to a meeting in central London despite the tube strike and coped with extremely crowded buses without feeling contaminated - the first time in years. (though I did go to the wrong venue initially oops!)