OCD affects everybody differently. What might be a molehill for one person can be a mountain for another. But for everybody, getting better is about challenging yourself and winning small precious achievements against the OCD bully.

So what have you been able to do today? . . . Have you been able to get out for the first time in ages or managed to do your CBT task or cut down on a ritual?

What ever your success please share it with us all. Feel proud and inspire us all.

  • puddles's picture
    puddles on 7th September 2011

    I managed to talk myself out of going to re check the kitten was safe in the frontroom and hadnt got out.

  • leelabird's picture
    LEELABIRD on 7th September 2011

    My mind has found some acceptance today and I feel like my brain is sleeping. Bliss for now.

  • wombat140's picture
    Wombat140 on 7th September 2011

    My problem with reading or writing the word "soothing" came back, but as you can see I got rid of it again.

  • Anonymous's picture
    on 17th August 2011

    I managed to put the wheelie bin out today and only wash my hands once after.

  • tessa's picture
    woody on 4th August 2011

    I managed to clean off a thousand plus maggots from a sheep with fly strike without having any rubber gloves to wear and without having any nightmares so far.