OCD affects everybody differently. What might be a molehill for one person can be a mountain for another. But for everybody, getting better is about challenging yourself and winning small precious achievements against the OCD bully.

So what have you been able to do today? . . . Have you been able to get out for the first time in ages or managed to do your CBT task or cut down on a ritual?

What ever your success please share it with us all. Feel proud and inspire us all.

  • truddles's picture
    Truddles on 11th November 2011

    Last week I managed to attend a meeting and take off my jacket and hang it on the back of my chair along with my handbag. And for the first time in more than eight months I've managed to wear it several times without washing it after each use! .

  • tulip's picture
    Tulip on 11th November 2011

    I opened a door today that I've been avoiding for months. I used my hand and not a tissue or my foot!

  • Anonymous's picture
    on 2nd November 2011

    I managed to put the wheelie bin out today and only wash my hands once after.

  • skittykitty's picture
    Skitty_Kitty on 17th October 2011

    I signed up for here. My ocd doesn't like me seeking help so this is a great step!

  • tessa's picture
    woody on 10th October 2011

    I managed to clean off a thousand plus maggots from a sheep with fly strike without having any rubber gloves to wear and without having any nightmares so far.