We are supporting #OCDWeek

Yesterday marked the started of this year’s OCD Awareness Week (#OCDWeek), a campaign set up by the International OCD Foundation and supported by hundreds of people and organisations across the world. 

Now of course, raising awareness of OCD mustn’t be contained to a single week, and we work tirelessly with our volunteers to do this 365 days a year, but it’s important to shout as loudly as possible during campaigning weeks to ensure that our voices are heard. Educating others is the first step to creating positive change. We see this happen every time we challenge the misuse of OCD – whether it’s writing to a shop to try and get a stigmatising product removed, or working with the media to get real facts in an article or programme – the first step is always educating and informing.

When discussing ideas for how we could support #OCDWeek, one of our fantastic volunteers Mairead came up with the idea of asking people with OCD what they wanted others to know about the condition. It’s so important that your voices are heard, and that’s what we want to use our platform for this this week.

We have asked some of our volunteers and people in the community to share their top 3 things that they wish people understood about OCD. Using the hashtag #3forOCD (with thanks to one of our volunteers for coming up with this!) we will share these 3 things across our social media platforms throughout the week, and invite you to share your own using the hashtag. 

We will continue to work behind this scenes this week and every week to improve access to good quality treatment, to challenge discrimination and misunderstanding, to support people with OCD and their families and to ensure that your voices are heard. If you'd like to support our work by joining our fantastic volunteer team and helping us to carry out these actions, then please get in touch!


And don’t forget, in February we will once again be running OCD Week of Action, where we will be providing materials, ideas and opportunities for people to take action against OCD and actions to improve access to quality treatment and support, so keep an eye out on our website for more information about this, coming soon!