Three part blog by Rose Bretécher

Following her article in the Guardian, author Rose Bretécher has now written a tragicomic memoir about her life with OCD, which she is crowd-funding through Unbound; you can pledge here to help her tell her story. Unbound have kindly set up a discount code just for OCD Action members to get £5 off any of Rose's pledge levels for 'Pure'; just enter 'ocdaction' as a promo code at the checkout.

We were keen to hear more of Rose's experiences of living with Pure O and she has been kind enough to summarise her story into three blog posts which have been posted into the Personal Stories section of our website - they can be seen here

At OCD Action, we encourage those who feel comfortable to share their story, to do so, as it helps others affected by OCD, as well as being great for raising awareness of the condition. If you would like to be considered for future media requests, please email for more information. Alternatively, you can post your story to the Personal Stories section on our website for others to read.