There Will Be Mud

The Tough Mudder. A long, gruelling obstacle course filled with 50,000 litres of mud which tests endurance, strength and teamwork. It’s enough to make even the most outdoorsy person quake in their boots.

So just imagine how tough it must be for our latest fundraiser Richard Taylor, who has struggled with contamination issues since he was 15, to take on the challenge!

Rich, whose OCD was at one point so debilitating that he was literally bed-bound for 9 months, does not take to events like the Tough Mudder easily. He describes the course as “everything that I fear that could possibly be conceived rolled into one day”. There will be mud. Lots of it. There will be flies. There could be cuts, scrapes and splinters. There will be lots of other sweaty, germ-ridden people. He’ll be crawling, climbing, and doing just about everything. It will be, to put it bluntly, absolutely terrifying.

But Rich is taking on the 5 mile Yorkshire Tough Mudder Half on Sunday 7th August despite all of this. He wants to prove, to both himself and to others, that OCD can be overcome. He wants to expose himself to his fears, and show that his OCD does not control his life. And in the process, he will be raising money for OCD Action!

Here is a video Rich has done about why he is doing the Tough Mudder Half:

So visit Rich’s JustGiving page and help him to achieve his target of £250, of which he’s already raised £60!

Rich also has a regular Youtube channel, RichBiscuit, where he talks about his experiences with OCD. He also talks about other parts of his life and things he’s interested in, and in doing so shows that he is not entirely defined by his OCD. Check it out and subscribe here!

The channel includes a very honest and open video about his story, which is posted here (warning: includes one instance of strong language):

We wish you the best of luck Rich, both with the nightmarish obstacle course and with dealing with your own OCD. And thank you so much!

Do you want to challenge yourself with a fundraising event? Or maybe you want to do something lighter, but equally valued, to help raise funds and awareness to help people with the disorder? Just get in touch with Charlie at, or call the office on 020 7253 5272, and we’ll support you with everything you need.