Public Health and OCD

In a recent news report by the BBC, Mental Health charity Mind highlighted their concerns over the unacceptably low amount of money local authorities are spending on public mental health. The Charity pointed out that only 1.4% of public health budgets are spent on mental health. You can read more from the article here.

OCD Action helps thousands of people each year online, face to face and over the phone.

Many people tell us of how the very early signs of their OCD were missed or ignored and how over time, their obsession and compulsions have taken over their life.

We know that tackling the OCD as soon as possible makes a real difference and so we want more people to be aware of the early signs of OCD and feel more able to seek help. Public health campaigns can play a major part in this. We welcome this new report and join with others in calling for more funding to promote good mental health.