OCD Awareness Week

Launched in 2009 by the International OCD Foundation, OCD Awareness Week aims to raise understanding and awareness of what OCD is, and how it affects people. It runs from 11-17th October, and is celebrated by organisations and individuals worldwide.

On Wednesday 13th October at 9pm OCD Action will be hosting a live Twitter discussion with Rose Bretecher. Rose’s book ‘Pure’ has just been published, giving a deeply personal account of her life with intrusive intensive sexual thoughts. We’ll be encouraging twitter users to ask Rose questions about her experiences with OCD and her book. You can tweet Rose your questions using @rosebretecher.

Throughout the week we’ll be highlighting our own and others' work in helping raise awareness of OCD, so that ever increasing numbers of people realise that OCD is much more than a 'quirk'.

This week is all about raising awareness of OCD. In Feb 2016, OCD Action's Week of Action will be taking place. During this week, we will be encouraging people to take action and fight against OCD! We’ll be setting out our plans for the Week of Action later in the year, so keep a look out on our website for updates!