New short film about OCD!

We are always really excited when we are contacted about a new creative project, and this time was no different! OCD Action recently met with a group of filmmakers who are creating an exciting new short film about OCD - "Blood is Thicker Than Water" (BITTW), with the support of the London Film Academy.

The aim of the film is to improve people's understanding of the condition, as Christoffer Flemstrom, the writer and director of BITTW, has personal experience of living with OCD and is passionate about creating something which will help people to understand how debilitating OCD can be to live. He said:

"My name is Christoffer Flemstrom I am the writer and director of the short film “Blood is thicker than water”, which is a film about dealing with OCD on your own. My goal is to change the mindset towards mental illnesses and encourage people to act for a positive change! 

The story is about a girl struggling with OCD who is forced to face a dilemma: saving her mother’s life or giving in to her fears. I always wanted to make a film that dealt with OCD since I have been battling with intrusive thoughts myself and also had people close to me to suffer from OCD.

We already have the support from a Swedish therapy app, Mindler, London Film Academy and other private backers and we have now reached 50% of our budget! The campaign ends on the 14th of April. Let’s make this film happen."

Check out the teaser for the film below!

We are sure you will agree that this looks like a really exciting project! If you'd like to find out more, you can visit the group's crowdfunding campaign here.