"I'm Just a Little Bit OCD" play coming to Brighton Fringe!

A revamped play tackling OCD will be hitting the Brighton Fringe this summer on the 1st and 2nd June. The play dismantles the myth that OCD is just a quirky personality trait. It incorporates stand-up comedy, physical theatre and real-life experiences. Ticks for the show can be purchased here. Here is a short synopsis of the performance:

As Grace returns from University, she finds Tilly, her younger sister, a shell of her former self. Tapping, washing, checking, speaking to herself, trying to keep the bad thoughts away. From discovery to diagnosis and finally recovery, Tilly finds out what it's really like to have OCD. 

We are really excited that OCD is being brought into the limelight, and are confident that this production will help to shine a light on what it is really like to live with OCD. 

Sarah and Catarina, two of the talented performers in the play, share their thoughts on it:

"It’s amazing to work with a group of such talented and committed people who through this process have become some of my closest friends. This show is everything I wished I could have seen years ago and I’m so glad I can be a part of it!" Sarah

"It's such a joy to be part of a project you truly believe in and get to work with people who you feel are on the same page as you. Hopefully people will respond to it positively because it's been a blast to create it." Catarina

Ria Fay, the Director and writer of "I'm just a little bit OCD" was inspired to create this production as she is personally affected by OCD. Here she shares her thoughts:

"It took me 12 years to realise I had OCD because I had no idea what having OCD actually involved. I'd heard people saying they were OCD when they liked things to be clean and organised but that was not what I was experiencing. I wanted to shed some light on what it feels like to have your mind invaded by disturbing intrusive thoughts that cause you to constantly doubt who you are. That being said, I've always used to humor to cope with my OCD, so I wanted to use comedy to explore why this misconception has become so common." 

In order to fund the play, and hopefully continue to run performances after the Brighton Fringe, the team have set up a crowdfunding page which you can see and support here.