Back by popular demand - two amazing plays about OCD!

During the summer, some of the OCD Action team made to trip up to Edinburgh Fringe to watch three amazing plays about OCD. Now, we are excited to confirm the two of the plays ‘WEIRD’ by Lucy Burke and ‘Lost in Thought'’ by Lucy Danser are coming to London!

Both of these performances are must see in our opinion! Not only are they really entertaining, but they accurately portray OCD and how debilitating the condition can be to live with.



Lucy Burke has written WEIRD as a one-woman production based on her own experiences with OCD. The play is told using flashbacks to the various relationships Yasmin has experienced and shows how her OCD interacts with and affects the defining moments of her life.

Lucy has been a fantastic OCD Action supporter! Running a collection during the Edinburgh performances, she managed to raise £392!


It's received some fantastic reviews:

**** "Fearlessly told" Edinburgh Guide
**** "Powerful" The Student
**** "Excellently played by Amy Doyle" Fringe Review
**** "So honest it stings" Reviews Hub
**** "Harrowing" London Theatre 1
**** "100% authentic" Breaking the Forth Wall
**** "Seamless" Theatre Box Blog

WEIRD will be showing in London on the 14th of December. To purchase your tickets please click here.


Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought tells the story of the once bright and ambitious Felicity, a school drop-out, living at home with her single mother Marie and struggling to separate unwanted intrusive thoughts from ‘helpful’, normal ones. As Felicity and Marie attempt to move forward with their lives independently, they are continuously interrupted by Felicity’s condition. Both utterly dependent on her terrified mother and feeling suffocated by her attention it’s only a matter of time before everything comes to a head.

Lucy Danser uses first- hand experience of living with OCD to explore how intrusive thoughts can control a sufferer's everyday life as well as that of those who love them most. She hopes that Lost in Thought will quash the stereotypes of OCD.

Lost in Thought has been given amazing reviews;

'heart-warming and inspiring' **** Whats on Stage

'a precious gem' **** Three Weeks

'beautifully turns humorous and poignant' **** ScotsGay Magazine

So many amazing reviews and we couldn’t agree more with each and every one of them. Lost in Thought will be performing in London on the 30th of November and the 1st of December. To purchase your tickets click here.


 A massive congratulation to both performances, we are sure they are going to be a great success in London, as they were in Edinburgh!