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  • January 11 2019 - 11:14pm
    If I give you reassurance then it will make your reassurance seeking worse, but I will say this. You need to think rationally and not let the OCD trick you, I know it's hard but you have to fight it!!! These thoughts are completely irrational, OCD just makes them look very convincing.
  • January 3 2016 - 5:16pm
    Doubt and guilt are both a big part of OCD and I've looked to the internet to reasure myself that my symptoms are a part of OCD even though i've been told by a professional which of course is a bad idea as the internet is full of rubbish but OCD always creates what if scenarios.
  • January 3 2016 - 4:56pm
    That's ok :) just remember that for every OCD struggle you have chances are a million others experience it themselves even though it can seem like it's something unique to you that's weird. You're never alone.
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