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  • September 13 2017 - 11:31pm

    See the thing with me is as a kid I did some weird shit. I was always into men, my first crush was a boy. He's my best friend now but still, I always had insecurity issues, always noticing girls for how pretty they were. My biggest fear is I was thinking of a relationship with them.

  • September 3 2017 - 10:58pm

    OCD thoughts pile on top of one another a lot. The fact that you don't want this to be your reality means it's OCD.

  • August 28 2017 - 10:08pm

    That's what's happening to me with ROCD. It's like if I don't get a mass panic or a lot of anxiety then it must be true but I'm afraid that if I don't get the anxiety or the panic then it means I don't love him when I do

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