Campaigning for better access to quality treatment

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Thank you for supporting our campaign for better access to quality treatment for those living with OCD.

Far too often, we hear of people struggling to access treatment for OCD, being denied treatment, or being offered something that is not appropriate for OCD.

As part of our national advocacy work, we recently carried out a survey on attitudes and treatment for OCD, and found that a huge 57% of people said they thought access to treatment had stayed the same in the last year or had gotten worse. This is a shocking statistic and a percentage we need to reduce. Building on the data we found from this survey, we now need to delve deeper and find out more from those of you who have had treatment/have tried to access treatment for OCD. The information YOU share with us will directly shape and help our campaigning work over the next year. 

OCD Week of Action may be over, but you can still support our campaign by filling out our survey and pledge below.

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