Understanding the experiences of shame related to OCD intrusive thoughts

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR Associate Professor Keong Yap, STUDENT RESEARCHER Michelle Laving and RESEARCH ASSOCIATE Dr Oscar Modesto are looking for participants for a project to understand experiences of shame related to OCD intrusive thoughts

Are you an adult (aged 18 to 65 years) who has been formally diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with intrusive thoughts (i.e. thoughts, urges or images around aggressive, violent, immoral or sacrilegious themes)? If so, the researchers are interested in hearing about your experiences.

Although intrusive thoughts are common, they can be distressing for some people. Shame is one emotion that is associated with these types of intrusive thoughts, but this relationship is not well understood. The researchers are therefore seeking to explore the feelings of shame that could be experienced by people living with OCD intrusive thoughts. They are also interested in hearing about your experience of sharing these concerns with health professionals.

The information gathered in this study will inform the development and validation of a shame measure that is specific to OCD intrusive thoughts. It is hoped this measure will inform treatment approaches and highlight factors that contribute to the concealment and stigma associated with these experiences.

You will be compensated with a $20 Amazon e-gift card for your time.

Who should not participate in this study?

Although recruitment in studies aims to be inclusive, in some cases, additional eligibility criteria need to be stated to minimise potential risks for participants and ensure their involvement is voluntary.

You will not be eligible to participate in this study if any of the following relate to you.

 • Past and/or current self- harm, suicidal ideation or history of suicide attempts

 • Current diagnosis of another psychological disorder except for depression.

 • Cognitive impairment or disability that may impact your ability to understand the purpose of the study, the procedures, your involvement in it, and your right to withdraw consent at any time.

• Non - English speaking

If you are interested in participating or would like more information about this study, please email Michelle Laving at Michelle.Laving@myacu.edu.au