Conversations with Experts by Experience Programme

Could you help train young scientists and shape new research studies? The University of Cambridge has set up a new programme in which people with OCD and other mental health conditions can share their experiences with scientists studying mental health conditions, to enhance their understanding of these experiences and help shape new and exciting research projects into OCD and related disorders.

What is the Conversations with Experts By Experience (CEbE) Programme?

Mental health research attracts a large number of enthusiastic and interested research students and scientists. Many of these researchers do not come from a clinical background and often have to work from second hand accounts of the mental symptoms and illnesses they study. The CEbE programme was set up to give such researchers the opportunity to learn firsthand from teachers who are experts by experience (EbE) in their specific fields. We started the programme in November 2014 and have run 10 sessions so far and we are aiming to make it a regular part of the teaching programme at the University.

You do not need to have any teaching experience or formal training to take part. The project is looking for people who are happy to share their experiences of living with a mental health condition, with a small group of researchers. You will not be asked to stand up and present, rather be there for the researchers to ask questions and have an informal conversation, it will be entirely up to you what you choose to speak about.

You would be able to leave the session at any time, and a preparatory meeting will be set up prior to the teaching session.

As a thank you, teachers will be paid £45 per teaching session and £10/hr for preparation sessions. Some travel expenses can be covered. 

If you are interested in finding out more or joining up, please contact

Ruth Holmes


Tel. No. 01223-746009


Hisham Ziauddeen




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