Exposure Response Prevention treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Final year Clinical and Community Psychology student Sooshmita Faruk at the University of East London is carrying out a research study into why some people with OCD struggle with their Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) therapy.

For the last twenty years, ERP has been used as a treatment for OCD. Some individuals are able to recover from OCD using the treatment ERP whilst others find the treatment difficult to complete. The project is looking at individuals' personal experience of using ERP treatment in relation to OCD, and in particular any struggles they have when undergoing ERP. The aim of the research is to further the understanding of ERP and how it can work better for some individuals. Participants would be interviewed either through telephone, Skype or face to face. Interviews would last between 35-45 minutes and questions are based on the research topic.

For more information, please download the Participant Information Sheet, or contact Sooshmita Faruk at u1215872@uel.ac.uk or by phone at 07508 629868.