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Happy birthday Reality Check support group - 10 years old!

Reality Check Support Group in Macclesfield is 10 years old!

From left to right: Bev Nixon, Louise Coppack, Maureen Brotherston, Emma McNeely, Debbie Cox and Honor Simpson

Reality Check, the OCD, BDD and Hoarding Support Group in Macclesfield was set up 10 years ago by Emma, Honor and Debbie. It was in response to Emma dealing with her own OCD and realising that there was no provision for ongoing support in their local area.

Two NEW Online Support Groups

At OCD Action, we want to ensure our services are reaching as many people affected by OCD as possible. The launch of our online support groups back in November 2013 allowed us to reach out to those who may not be able to access support locally. The existing eight online groups have proved extremely popular, with people from all over the world attending. Taking into consideration valuable feedback from our service users, the Even Better Together team are now pleased to announce that they will be launching two new online support groups in October:

Your right to choose who treats your OCD or BDD

Further Guidance on Your Right to Choose a Consultant-led Outpatient Mental Health Service Anywhere in England

Since April 2014, if you live in England, you have had the right to choose the consultant-led outpatient mental health service your GP refers you to. This service can be anywhere in England and this right means that the same rules apply for mental health services as for physical health treatment.

How much do you know about your choice in treatment?

At OCD Action, we speak to many people who are having difficulty accessing good quality treatment for their OCD, despite the fact that from April 2014, adults with mental health problems have had the legal right –

to choose which provider and consultant or mental health professional will be in charge of their care when they attend their first outpatient appointment’.

OCD Youth e-Helpline

Later this month, OCD Youth is launching a brand new virtual helpline for young people with OCD. The OCD Youth e-Helpline is an instant messaging helpline, providing a listening and information support service to young people under 25 who have (or think they might have) OCD.

Help us improve treatment & attitudes towards OCD, BDD & related disorders

As part of our Big Lottery funded Advocacy for OCD Service, over the next five years we will be looking at local and regional trends in treatment and attitudes to try to improve things for a wider number of people. We are carrying out a national survey to map the treatment experiences of people with OCD/BDD and related disorders across England, along with their views of how they are treated more generally by society because of their mental health condition.