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New short film ‘Reaching Four’ coming soon!

OCD Action are delighted to be supporting the production of a new short film - ‘Reaching Four’. Inspired by real life experiences, ‘Reaching Four’ follows Clare’s battle with OCD, and delves into the often devastating impact that OCD can have on someone’s life and the lives of those close to them.

We were contacted earlier in the year by the talented team behind the production, and were impressed by the lengths they were going to to ensure this film accurately portrays an often misrepresented condition.

Commenting on why they are making the film, the team said:

'Mind Games' - a new short documentary about the unseen, darker side of OCD

The mainstream media often portrays OCD as a quirky personality trait, but as we know, OCD is far more complex than this. We were recently made aware of a new short documentary called 'Mind Games', which aims to give a voice to those struggling with types of intrusive thoughts that can be a really common symptom of OCD, but aren't often spoken about, such as sexual and violent intrusive thoughts. Through this open discussion, the filmmakers of this documentary hope to chip away at the stigma surrounding OCD.

Introducing a new non-profit organisation - Mad Millennials

OCD Action is passionate about supporting other mental health organisations, and collaborating with them to ensure that together we are supporting as many people affected by OCD and related conditions as we possibly can. That's why we were so excited to be contacted by a brand new non-profit organisation - Mad Millennials. Co-founded by Charlotte Brockman and Lauren Bamford, the aim of Mad Millennials is to support the millennial generation with their mental health, through awareness, connection, events and peer-to-peer support.

Instrumental Health documentary series

OCD Action recently had the pleasure of meeting Pete Eliot, an independent filmmaker passionate about reducing mental health stigma. Pete very kindly gave OCD Action the opportunity to take part in a new documentary series for Mental Health Awareness Month which takes place throughout May. Instrumental Health not only highlights a range of mental health conditions, but also covers important topics such as mental health in the workplace and in the music industry. 

Pete Eliot, creator of Instrumental Health said:

New short film about OCD!

We are always really excited when we are contacted about a new creative project, and this time was no different! OCD Action recently met with a group of filmmakers who are creating an exciting new short film about OCD - "Blood is Thicker Than Water" (BITTW), with the support of the London Film Academy.