Media Opportunities

Below is a list of current media opportunities, which OCD Action has been contacted about.

We must advise you that we do not have control over the actions of the media companies, and whilst we always do our best to guide the company to accurately portray OCD, and support your involvement as much as we can - before, during and after the process - you should be aware that personal stories can sometimes be misrepresented, despite our best efforts. 

If you would like to speak with OCD Action's Communications Officer before proceeding with any of the following opportunities, then please call Olivia on 020 7253 5272. 

Thank you.

OCD Action


Short Documentary on Muscle Dysmorphia

18-30’s website SpiceUKOnline are shooting a short documentary on Muscle Dysmorphia (Bigorexia) in men, and in urgent need of a case study.

Are you obsessed with the need to get bigger?

Do you spend countless hours in the gym, and use steroids/supplements to gain size?

Are you unhappy with your body to the degree that it’s affecting your life?

Have you, or could you, be diagnosed with muscle dysmorphia?

If so, SpiceUK is looking to make a documentary exploring the relatively unknown disorder, and want to speak to you. 

For any information please email


New BBC Documentary series

The BBC are researching a new documentary series about LGBTQ+ life in the UK. One of the episodes will look into Body image, Eating disorders and Body Dysmorphia within the gay community.

Are you a gay or bisexual male, based in the UK and aged 18-30?

Does the way you look affect your everyday life and relationships?

Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder or BDD?

Are you a friend, partner or relative who’s desperately worried about your loved one’s self-image?

If so, the BBC is looking to make a sensitive documentary film and would like to speak to you.

If you would like to know more about the series please email