Challenge yourself!

Just have a look at some of the amazing challenges you can do to fundraise for us.

As well as helping out other people with OCD, many people find pushing themselves with this kind of activity can help them to overcome their own issues. Doing a physical challenge can serve as good exposure, and often gives people a sense of achievement and purpose that can be really beneficial for their mental wellbeing.



Whether it be a 10K, Half-Marathon or even a full Marathon, there are running events all over the country tailored to your individual level, including:

ASICS 10K London - 5th July 2020

Great North Run - 13th September 2020


Find another local event here!




Cycling is a great way to raise donations. You can get some exercise and also see beautiful parts of the country. We've even had people cycle abroad, such as two people who circumnavigated the whole of Iceland.

Find a local event here!



Does the land not appeal to you? Then take to the water! There's a huge variety of swimming events of all shapes and sizes all over the UK.

Check them out here!


Get muddy!

The Tough Mudder is a gruelling, intense 10-12 mile obstacle course which truly tests your endurance, strength and ability to work in a team. It's not only very rewarding, but it's also a fantastic way to raise awareness about contamination issues in OCD. If this sounds too tough then a Half Tough Mudder is also available.

Find a local event here!



One of our fundraisers, Tom Clancy (pictured), did an astonishing 3 month walk from John O'Groats to Lands End. You don't have to do anything near that big, but doing a walk across part of the country can be a rewarding, exciting adventure.


And these are only a few of the types of events you could be getting involved with.

If you'd like to do a challenge, then just follow these simple steps:

  1. Book the challenge through the official website.
  2. Set up a page on Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving. They're easy to use and money raised through the sites will go directly to us!
  3. Send an email to, and Charlie (our Lead Fundraiser) will tell you everything else you need to know for your fundraising efforts.

We'll be able to send you a snazzy-looking OCD Action t-shirt or running vest, and we'll also promote your activities through our website and social media.