Coming out of the OCD Closet Wearing an Apron by Melanie Lefebvre

One year ago, I publicly declared to the world that I have OCD.

I came out wearing a chef hat and apron. I mixed inedible ingredients, including glitter courage, to teach people the recipe for OCD.

It's a recipe too many chefs are getting wrong. The misconceptions surrounding OCD have been kept hearty with society tossing scraps at the stereotypes.

This is why my disclosure required special attire. After all, it is not every day that I hunt down a chef hat.

One year ago was time for me to make a pseudo cooking show in honour of OCD Awareness Week.

And now OCD Awareness Week is here. This means it's my one year anniversary of owning my story. It's my one year anniversary of embracing vulnerability as a strength. It's my one year anniversary of breaking up with shame.

Now it's time to pass the torch. Let's have a feast. Let's organize an all-you-can-eat buffet of OCD awareness.

Who's in line? #OCDweek 

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