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Posted on: 27th October 2016 by: Lauren Duke

Not really sure where to start with all of this, but here goes, Growing up I had a very negelegant mother who never done any for of house hold chores and who had a very poor sense of personal hygeiene (which she inflicted onto us). We never had clean bedding or clean clothes and always... Read more

Posted on: 4th October 2016 by: millieb

i've always been a guilty person, if i did something that i know wasn't appropriate i would feel guilty but it got to the point where every little thing i did i felt guilty, it all started when someone said something to my boyfriend about something from my past which effected me a lot and... Read more

Posted on: 20th September 2016 by: Onestepcloser

Recently I started thinking about what has been my biggest achievement in life so far. And out of everything, I realised that getting through day-to-day life whilst coping with what can for many be a disabling disorder has to be top of the list. Anyone who has suffered with anxiety or... Read more

Posted on: 11th September 2016 by: Nasim

Its been years since im dealing with ocd.i was little when this problem was just start with a simple thoughti go to school with my father...what happens if i go to school with some one else?) I started thinking about this for a lot of time.i had some fictional thoughts....the... Read more

Posted on: 7th September 2016 by: Olivia

I wanted to tell the truth. And not the truth in a confessional, sit me in a box and say three hail Mary’s kind of way, although a Hail Mary from time to time does help I’ve found, but simply in a let’s talk about this because it’s important kind of way.

When I was nineteen I... Read more