intrusive thoughts & fake memories which give me ecssesive guilt

i've always been a guilty person, if i did something that i know wasn't appropriate i would feel guilty but it got to the point where every little thing i did i felt guilty, it all started when someone said something to my boyfriend about something from my past which effected me a lot and didn't know if it was true or not because it happened so long ago, my boyfriend at the time didn't know about it, when he told me that someone said it i just constantly thought about it for days and days, i finally solved the situation by getting the truth, it was true, i thought all of it would be over when the truth had came out, but it didn't, the guilt got worse and worse by each day, my past became present and it felt like i was living it all over again, i became very depressed and ended up in hospital, i didn't want to be here anymore because of all the guilt eating me up and false memories racing in my head, i went to see a cbt therapist and she told me that my symptoms sound like OCD and i finally got the diagnosis, i didn't know a lot about it at the time, and this was only a month or 2 ago, i did a lot of research about it and it understood it a lot more, before i was mentally ill i used to use the word 'ocd' in the wrong context such as 'your so ocd if your tidy' as people do, i can finally say i've got the right medication and i'm improving a lot! i still get guilty feelings a lot, every day but i feel a lot more control of it than i did a few months ago, if anyone has intrusive thoughts, fake memories, guilt or anything please message me because i don't want you to be alone like i thought i was! thank you for reading my story!