OCD affects everybody differently. What might be a molehill for one person can be a mountain for another. But for everybody, getting better is about challenging yourself and winning small precious achievements against the OCD bully.

So what have you been able to do today? . . . Have you been able to get out for the first time in ages or managed to do your CBT task or cut down on a ritual?

What ever your success please share it with us all. Feel proud and inspire us all.

  • brionyelizabeth's picture
    brionyelizabeth on 31st March 2014
    but instead of listening to my anxiety and letting myself feel useless and like a failure, I'm giving myself some time to chill and do some self care. i don't need to punish myself for being poorly!
  • hopeforall's picture
    hopeforall on 1st February 2014

    I've manage to eat a sandwich today after shaking a person hand that i never knew! big deal after all the thoughts i got when he wanted to shake my hand

  • truddles's picture
    Truddles on 27th January 2014

    I've managed to wear the same nightdress for a week - a major achievement for me as for the past five years or so I've not been able to wear one for more than one night.

  • grams88's picture
    grams88 on 11th January 2014

    I have a couple of dental appointments coming up and not feeling too axious as this used to be something I would worry a lot over as you could imagine ocd and the dentist.

  • truddles's picture
    Truddles on 29th December 2013

    I've managed to further reduce the time it takes to do the washing this week - I can now do each task between ad breaks! A vast improvement on the one and a half to two hours that it used to take me to do each task.