OCD affects everybody differently. What might be a molehill for one person can be a mountain for another. But for everybody, getting better is about challenging yourself and winning small precious achievements against the OCD bully.

So what have you been able to do today? . . . Have you been able to get out for the first time in ages or managed to do your CBT task or cut down on a ritual?

What ever your success please share it with us all. Feel proud and inspire us all.

  • wombat140's picture
    Wombat140 on 15th August 2014
    In the last few days I've not only read, and touched, the word "soothing" many times without flinching, I've even written it.  Now I've written it again, so there!  OCD, go home. 
  • ocdpatient's picture
    ocdpatient on 28th July 2014
    Today no trancing out and subsequently no disgusting staring and perving at idiots scumbags and youngsters
  • truddles's picture
    Truddles on 6th July 2014
    I've been sorting out some more of the boxes etc and not felt the need to keep washing my hands in between touching items.
  • truddles's picture
    Truddles on 28th June 2014
    Tuesday at the hospital I managed to get undressed and walk on the floor barefoot without worrying about possible contamination. My feet were already filthy from wearing sandals which surprisingly doesn't worry me.
  • wombat140's picture
    Wombat140 on 26th June 2014
    Answered the door (to take in parcels) twice this morning without twitching or doing anything visibly odd (that I know of), and even chatted a bit to the delivery people.  Feels good.