A Tale of Two Cities

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about two of our fundraisers, Katie Maggs and Alice Roberts, who were each taking on a 10K run in Leeds and London respectively. Two different people, in two different fine cities, were both going out of their way to help raise money and awareness for people with OCD.

It brings us great pleasure to report that both cities lived up to their lofty aims, despite the fact that both Katie and Alice faced unforeseen challenges on top of what they were already planning.

In London, Alice ran into a bit of an obstacle when she came down with a cold before the big day. But she still went ahead and managed to complete the Vitality British 10K in an impressive 57 minutes! Considering how much of a pain a cold is even at the best of times, we think that’s worth a round of applause. Despite the cold, Alice had a good time and enjoyed the day more than she thought she would.

Alice has raised £157.50 including Gift Aid, and there’s still time to donate to her JustGiving page and help her get even more!

Katie ran into an even worse hitch when she was diagnosed with sciatica, which she had developed during training. But she went ahead and did the ASDA Foundation Leeds 10K anyway! We know how much agony sciatica is, and we can only imagine how much of a nightmare running a whole 10 kilometres with it must be. Katie even managed to finish in 1 hour 17 minutes, which is a good time even for someone without a disabling medical condition!

Katie raised an amazing £165.25 including Gift Aid, and you can still donate to her JustGiving page to help her raise more.

So a huge well done to both Katie and Alice for stepping up to the plate despite bad luck and adversity. You’ve both truly done your cities proud!

Do you want to do a run of your own, or do you have ideas for any other fundraising activities? Just get in touch with Charlie at charlie@ocdaction.org.uk or on 020 7253 5272 and we’ll give you all the help you need!