Summer Fundraising for 2016

We’ve had a wonderful start to the year for fundraising. We’ve had Jack’s thrilling I Did My Mile challenge (and all of the many others who put their own miles in), Jack Robinson’s music fundraiser and half-marathons from Philippa and Charlie Marriott, Jodie Greenfield, Dean Breed, John RowlandsBronwen Chatman, Katie Stewart and Eleanor Williams. Considering how miserable the weather has been that’s quite an achievement!

But that’s not all we have this year!

While summer may seem like an age away right now, we’ve already got news pouring in of fantastic fundraising events that you wonderful people are planning for the season. And we can’t wait to hear more!

Here is a quick preview of what’s to come:

15th May: Most of our fundraising activities are in the UK, but Elyse Clare Brodigan will be flying the flag for us on the other side of the world! She’ll be taking place in the Great Ocean Road Half-Marathon in Australia, and even with over a month to go she’s already raised $254 … well over her $150 target! Donate to her JustGiving page here.

28th May: John-Paul Morris will be throwing a Doctor Who-themed party in memory of his best friend Daniel Hulme, who had OCD. Not only this, but JP will also be taking part in the Manchester Swim – enough to put the Doctor himself to shame. His target is £1000: donate to his JustGiving page here.

25th June: Here’s one for the books: Rachel Vickers, along with her friend Lee, will be spending a whole night on a “portaledge” suspended by ropes halfway down a cliff. Not only that, but she will have to abseil down the cliff to reach this bed. It makes us giddy just thinking about it! Donate to her JustGiving page here, and help her reach her £300 target (of which she’s already raised £55).

July/August: This one is a while away, but we’re already INCREDIBLY excited for it. Chase Caldwell Smith and Kate Ellison, two second-year history students from Gonville and Caius, Cambridge (of recent University Challenge fame) will be – get this – circumnavigating the whole island of Iceland on bicycles. This is 1332 km, and they will be cycling the whole way! Not only this, but they’ve been given permission to make this an official expedition of the University of Cambridge. Follow news on The Cambridge Hringvegurinn ( “Ring Road” ) Expedition on their website, Facebook and Twitter and donate to their JustGiving page to help them reach their £1332 target.

7th August: This is a lovely idea: Rachel Bailey is running The Asda Foundation York 10K. But Rachel is also founder of York's Seek Solace OCD and Hoarding Support Group, so she's going to rally as many members of her support group as possible to join her! Her target is £455, so donate to her JustGiving page and support her and the Seek Solace team here.

10th September: Even this far ahead we have people planning to do major events for OCD Action. Leigh Cowham will be doing the Tough Mudder, an absolutely grisly 12 mile obstacle course which tests strength, endurance and teamwork. Donate to his JustGiving page here.

Sounds like an exciting summer, doesn’t it? Thank you all for your amazing fundraising events, and we're really looking forward to following everyone's progress!

Do you have any fundraising events planned this year that we’ve missed out? Just let us know by getting in touch with Phil at or on 020 7253 5272 and we’ll give you all the help you need!