Run, Solace, Run!

At OCD Action we often have people running for us in order to raise awareness of OCD, but we don’t often get a whole support group doing one. But Seek Solace, the OCD and Hoarding Support Group for York, are planning to do just that! On Sunday 7th August they will be running the ASDA Foundation York 10K.

Seek Solace was set up last year by Rachel Bailey. Having lived with OCD since she was a child, Rachel created the group due to frustration with the lack of a decent local support network for people with OCD and their loved ones. Rachel illustrated the need for groups like hers using an anecdote her mother told her:

Years ago when I was in the throes of severe OCD, she said she'd been to church and there was a lady in the congregation who had a child with a physical illness. Everyone flocked (quite rightly) to this lady at the end of mass with an out pouring of help and well wishes. She said she sat at the back and cried thinking "Where is the help for my child though, when my family is falling apart?" - well this support group is the help for your child, and a support system for you too.

The support group has gone on to be a success. Rachel says that she loves everyone in the group and that “We are now able to network and help each other out between sessions, which is a lifeline many of us have not had before”.

So in a couple of weeks’ time, Rachel will be leading her Seek Solace crew in the ASDA Foundation York 10K. A challenging run through the heart of a beautiful and historical city, the run promises to be a formidable task for the group – though, of course, a much smaller task than overcoming OCD.

Among the Seek Solace members running will be Lewis Sullivan, who is taking on the run “in aid and to promote awareness of OCD Action and the Pure O side which is often overlooked”. So far we’re unaware of who else is running, though Rachel assures us that they’re doing their best to convince as many of them as possible to join them!

So far Rachel has raised £145 out of a £455 target, and Lewis has raised £45 out an intended £75. Together that adds up to a whopping £221.25 if you include Gift Aid! So visit the JustGiving pages of Rachel and Lewis and help them reach (and maybe even surpass) their targets!

We wish the Seek Solace gang the very best of luck, both with the run and with their ongoing progress as a support group.

If you’re interested in joining the group, just visit their page here. If you want to find a group more local to you, then you can find the nearest one on this page.

If you’d like to do a run yourself (or any other kind of fundraising activity) then get in touch with Charlie at, or call the office on 020 7253 5272, and we’ll set to work helping you out!