The play's the thing!

We’re always giving you news about the sporting activities people are doing to raise awareness for OCD, but once in a while it’s nice to hear of other types of fundraiser. And next week, Camellia Ann Cressey will be raising awareness through the theatre, darling!

Camellia has written a play called April’s Shower, an unflinching look into the internal thought processes of a woman with OCD as she takes a shower. The play depicts April’s struggle against the constant torment of “Michael”, a personification of the doubt and self-loathing she is going through. It’s powerful, it’s honest, and it will ring true for lots of us who live with the disorder. We can only imagine what it will be like performed!

So next week, on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th April, Camellia will be putting on a dramatic reading of her play, coming to a theatre near you (if you live in Wiltshire, that is!). It will be held at:

Sixth Form Lecture Theatre
Royal Wootton Bassett Academy
Lime Kiln

Tickets are £5, £2 of which will be donated to OCD Action, and are available on the door, at the college’s reception or at the Post Office or Dandelion Gift Shop on Royal Wootton Bassett High Street. There will also be refreshments, and a short talk about OCD will follow the reading of the play.

One word of warning: the play is not for children. The play tries to represent OCD as unflinchingly as possible, and so will involve adult themes. For this reason the recommended age is 15+.

So break a leg for everyone involved, especially Camellia, and we hope as many of you as possible go see the play!

Are you putting on a play yourself? Or do you have any other ideas for fundraising? Get in touch with Phil at or on 020 7253 5272 and we’ll give you all the support you need!