'Picture your OCD' Project

With World Mental Health Day and OCD Week just around the corner (more information on that soon!), we thought it'd be the perfect time to share information about a new awareness project we have recently heard about.

The 'Picture Your OCD' project aims to raise awareness about OCD. People with OCD are invited to submit a photograph or short video from a first-person's perspective that visually expresses their experience of OCD. As the films/images will be shown publicly, the team behind the project have asked that all contributions remain anonymous (therefore no picture of your face or voice recording). They also encourage you to submit your file anonymously.

The ‘Picture Your OCD’ project is part of a larger art-science collaborative project called the Dear World Project and the final art piece will be displayed at Stour Space in Hackney Wick in February 2019.

The artist behind the Picture your OCD project is Joceline Howe (www.jocelinehowe.com). Her interdisciplinary practice has led to exhibitions, performances, residencies and symposiums in Brazil, China, Japan, Finland and Germany. Alongside working on multiple projects within the UK with prestigious institutions including Royal Academy, Serpentine Galleries, Wellcome and Tate.

The scientists involved in the project are Dr Tobias Hauser, and Alisa Loosen. Tobias is the head of the Developmental Computational Psychiatry group investigating how neurocognitive development can go awry and lead to mental health problems during childhood and adolescence. Alisa is currently a PhD student at the Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry & Ageing Research and the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging investigating the neurocomputational mechanisms underpinning (juvenile) OCD.  

If you'd like to get involved and share your experience to help raise awareness, head to www.pictureyourocd.org/.

With any public/media opportunity, it can be a difficult thing to decide whether to not you feel comfortable sharing your experiences. The team at OCD Action are always happy to talk through this with you and want to offer you support along the way. If you'd like to chat about this opportunity, please email us at