A Perfect Year of Helping People (in tribute to Dan Hulme)

If you’re a regular follower, you’ll probably be aware of the astounding Fundraising efforts of John-Paul “JP” Morris, who has been spending the last year raising donations for OCD Action in memory of his best friend Dan Hulme. After running the Manchester 10K, putting on a successful Doctor Who night, swimming the 1 mile Great Manchester Swim and another swimming event in Lake Windermere, JP is gearing up for his fifth event of the year: the Chester Marathon.

And this event has a special significance for JP. For this October marks the one year anniversary of Dan’s passing.

JP thought of Dan (pictured above), who had OCD, as his brother, and “looked up to him as a Master”. He was a mentor to him, always offering help and advice when JP (who is deaf) was struggling in life.

JP wrote:
I came out of university into real world when I first met him. I was feeling extremely lost and naive so here comes the Legend Dan Hulme who kindly took me under his wing and taught me about the real world. I will always remember his teaching and chats about many things [such as] to be aware of different people, how to speak up for yourself and to treat women with respect. I always listened to him because he’d been through [a lot] himself with many things in life.

So this October, a year since Dan passed, JP is doing to do three things in tribute to his friend. Firstly, he had a pint in Dan’s favourite pub, The Crown Inn in Goostrey, Cheshire.

Secondly, he will be celebrating his friend’s love for a long-running BBC science fiction show by attending the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.


And finally, he will be running the Chester Marathon.

Taking place this Sunday (2nd October), the Chester Marathon is a huge international event which will be a true test of the skills JP has built up over the last year. Having done the run before, JP describes it as “gruelling and exhausting”, but he is looking forward to running it to honour Dan.

So thank you so much to JP for all of your amazing efforts. As he says himself, “not everyone has done a marathon, 2 open water swims, 10k run and Doctor Who night in a year”. It’s astonishing the sheer lengths he’s gone to raise awareness in order to help people everywhere who, like Dan, live with OCD.

His efforts have paid off. He’s raised an incredible £632.41 for OCD Action. Please donate to his JustGiving page and help him raise even more.

JP would like to say thank you to his family and friends for their support and love during the year. He says that he wouldn't have got through the last year without them.

Our thoughts and condolences are with Dan’s family and friends in this difficult time.

We wish JP the best of luck in the Chester Marathon and all of his achievements to come. We’re sure the run will be as, JP describes, “a perfect end to a perfect year of helping people”. Not for the first time, the comparisons to the hero of the BBC show Dan loved so much spring to mind.