OCDown Under!

G’day, everyone! OCD affects people all over the world, and many of these countries don’t have much in the way of dedicated OCD charities. Although we’re a UK charity, our reach is much wider than our own country, and we get calls, emails and forum posts from all kinds of places. So it’s wonderful to hear that we’ve got someone raising awareness for us from literally the other side of the planet: Australia!

Elyse Clare Brodigan has been affected with OCD since she was 10 years old, and diagnosed when she was 15. She has spent her life with horrible intrusive thoughts that she’s had to do a series of rituals to keep at bay. As Elyse says, “I kept my OCD a secret for 5 years, until OCD Action helped me come to realise that it is treatable, that it doesn't mean I'm crazy and that other people do suffer with it”.

So in order to tackle the stigma and raise awareness in her own country of the debilitating nature of the disorder, Elyse has decided to run the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon, a 23km course with a stunning coastal view. And she’ll be proudly wearing an OCD Action running vest! She’s chosen to run for us because as far as she knows “there is currently no charity for OCD here in Australia, which motivates me even further to promote [OCD Action]”.

So best of luck to Elyse, and please visit her JustGiving page. She’s already raised $254.37 (well over her $150 target), so help her raise even more on behalf of people with OCD all over the world!

Do you know of anyone somewhere else in the world who’s doing a fundraising or awareness event for OCD Action? Just contact Phil at or on 020 7253 5272. We’d love to hear it from as many places as possible!