OCD Camp comes to the UK!

5 years ago, a documentary called Extreme OCD Camp hit our screens, and not only showed the true nature of the condition and the various manifestations it can take, but also showed that it could be treated successfully with good quality recommended therapy. The documentary followed 6 young people affected by OCD, as they travelled to Seattle in the USA to attend an intensive wilderness camp where they tackled their OCD with Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, with the help of two qualified therapists. The documentary was viewed by millions around the world, and OCD Action received a lot of positive feedback from people who felt inspired to now go and seek help themselves.

We have been asked many times in the last few years "do you know of any OCD camps like this in the UK?", and now the answer is finally yes! You may already be familiar with The OCD Stories website and podcast (which OCD Action have appeared on before!). Set up by Stuart Ralph who has battled OCD for many years, The OCD Stories brings together inspirational articles, interviews and resources to help inspire people to tackle their OCD. Stuart has been keen to create a UK OCD Camp for many years now, and has finally made that dream a reality.

This summer, from 18th-20th May, Stuart will be running a camp in Surrey, for people with OCD to attend. Unlike the camp in the documentary, therapy will not be offered as part of the 3 day trip, but instead those who attend will complete fun outdoor activities, learn vital survival skills and will have time to connect with others with the condition, in a friendly, fun and supportive environment. Not only that, but Stuart will be joined by therapist Pete Weiss, who ran the camp in Extreme OCD Camp, and who will be on hand to offer support and encouragement to the people who attend.

Tickets for the camp are priced at £260, which includes all equipment, activities and food for the 2 nights and 3 days.

If you'd like to know more about this experience and how you can apply, head to their website. www.theocdcamp.com.

Applications close in a few days. If you get there by the time they have closed, please register your interest for future camps!


Please note that OCD Action have taken no part in setting up this camp.