OCD Action Member & Volunteer Meet-up

£Free Event / Birmingham / Saturday 15th November 1.30 to 5 pm

OCD Action Member & Volunteer Meet-up event is in Birmingham this year. As well as a great opportunity to catch up with latest developments in OCD and at OCD Action, this event is about setting the agenda for the year ahead. We want to hear your views on what you think the Charity should be focusing on in the future, what services it should be providing and how it should be raising awareness of OCD so that more people are better able to seek help and get the treatment that they deserve.

We do hope that you can join us. 

There is no charge for attending this event and it is open to all OCD Action members and current active volunteers. 

The event will take place on Saturday 15th November 1.30 to 5 pm.

To book your place please email info@ocdaction.org.uk or call the OCD Action office on 020 7253 5272. Space is limited so please book well in advance.