Nevis Too Much

On Friday 1st September 2017, four daring 13 year old boys set out to conquer the highest mountain in the British Isles.

Abe, Ben, Jonah and Malakai were inspired to take on Ben Nevis by the experiences of a family friend who suffers from severe OCD. Knowing from experience that many with this disorder would not be able to climb a mountain themselves, the boys decided to climb one in their name, and raise money for OCD Action and Brain Tumour Research in doing so. It's no mean feat: at a towering 4,411 feet, only the strongest of willed can make it to the top.

But it was no match for them! The four teenagers absolutely smashed it. Here you can see them triumphantly standing at the peak of the mountain:

But it doesn't stop there! Ben Nevis wasn't the first mountain they've climbed, and it won't be the last either! Last year they took on Mount Snowdon to raise money for SANDS, and next year they will be taking on Scafell Pike for yet another cause. This is a feat which would stump most adults, so it's an incredible achievement for four teenage boys.

Not only this, but they've done a staggering amount of fundraising in the process. Between the four of them they raised £3,001.50 for OCD Action alone! This will do a huge amount to help people with OCD and allow the charity to keep running its vital services. Their total raised for both charities was an astonishing £7,110.60!

Abe, Ben, Jonah and Malakai: thank you all. Thank you so much! And congratulations on such an inspirational achievement.

Please take some time to visit the boys' OCD Action JustGiving page and donate