'Mind Games' - a new short documentary about the unseen, darker side of OCD

The mainstream media often portrays OCD as a quirky personality trait, but as we know, OCD is far more complex than this. We were recently made aware of a new short documentary called 'Mind Games', which aims to give a voice to those struggling with types of intrusive thoughts that can be a really common symptom of OCD, but aren't often spoken about, such as sexual and violent intrusive thoughts. Through this open discussion, the filmmakers of this documentary hope to chip away at the stigma surrounding OCD.

The documentary is being directed and produced by a Houston-based filmmaker Rachel who struggles with OCD herself. 

We hope that 'Mind Games' will help to highlight the real OCD as well as the recommended treatments for the condition (CBT with ERP and medication). 

If you'd like to find out more about 'Mind Games' and how you can support the filmmakers efforts, you can check out their crowdfunding page here!