The Miles of Molly

The London Marathon isn't the only fundraising event going on this weekend!

While OCD Action doesn’t have anyone running for us in the Marathon this year, we have some fundraisers who are doing amazing things in their own right.

For example, on the same day as the Marathon, 23rd April, the brilliant Molly Sandford-Ward is going to be taking part in the Great Edinburgh Run, a 5 mile course that passes some of the biggest landmarks in Edinburgh, such as the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Scottish Parliament Building and Edinburgh Castle.

Molly is running to raise awareness about OCD and what she believes are the two major misconceptions about the disorder: firstly what OCD actually is, and secondly how severe it is for people who live with it.

Molly wrote:
Please, spread the word as much as you can about OCD and help me raise some funds. Tell your family and friends about it, read more about it online, because people need to know. I have had OCD since the age of 8 but only realised I had it at the age of nineteen after reading a Guardian article that randomly popped up on my Facebook timeline […] People live for years and years with the disorder not knowing that they have a mental illness.

So far Molly has managed to raise a marvellous £228.75. Thank you Molly, and we wish you the best of luck on Sunday!

Donate to Molly's fundraising page here!


Molly isn’t the only one running for us this weekend, though!

The day before the Marathon, Saturday 22nd April, we have the second running event (of nine) from the wonderful Sarah Guy. Sarah is going to be taking part in the Run Durham Hamsterley 10K. Read about all of the many, many running events Sarah is getting involved in here. Best of luck to her with her second run!

And finally, the equally wonderful Michael Darvill is going to be doing his third run of five. Michael will be competing in the Southampton Half Marathon on Sunday 23rd April. Check out all of Michael’s magnificent running events here. Thank you and good luck to Michael for Sunday!


We'll be crossing our fingers for Molly, Sarah and Michael come this weekend!


Want to get involved in something like this yourself? Just get in touch with our Lead Fundraiser at