Live and Let Dive

Our fundraisers are always going above and beyond to help people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Now we have someone who is so committed to the cause that she’s actually going to jump out of a plane!

Charlotte Davison, who has OCD, finds that her condition stops her from doing a lot of the thrill-seeking activities she loves. So, on top of raising awareness, she wants to do a challenge that allows her to overcome her fears and get an exciting experience out of it.

Charlotte wrote:
My checking OCD has also stopped my love of theme parks as getting on rollercoasters causes me high anxiety. This is why I have chosen the skydive as it will not be an easy challenge but I want to prove to everyone that having OCD does not have to control what you do or who you are! I hope to spread the word to many others that there is so much help available and no-one needs to be alone suffering.

So on 9th October (this Sunday) Charlotte will be taking part in a 10,000 feet tandem skydive with GoSkyDive. This includes 5000 feet of freefalling at about 125 mph – according to GoSkydive, the feeling of this is “often described as being transported to another world” – and then another 5000 feet with a parachute. It’s not something for the faint of heart, and we’re incredible impressed that somebody who gets anxiety from rollercoasters is doing something this hardcore.

Charlotte has already raised a marvellous £273.75 including Gift Aid, easily beating her £200 target. Help her raise even more by donating to her JustGiving page.

Best of luck Charlotte, and we hope that your skydiving experience helps you as much with your own OCD as the donations raised help us!

Want to do something like this? Get in touch with me at or call the London office on 020 7253 5272.