'Lifting the myth of OCD' event in Bristol

Awareness and understanding of OCD has significantly improved over the last few years, and we continue to work hard every day with the community to keep talking about the real OCD and to try and change misconceptions.

Despite our best efforts, mental health stigma is still rife, and it isn't unusual to see a programme, celebrity or product misusing OCD as a 'bit of a joke'. That is why we were delighted to hear of an event happening in Bristol in a few weeks' time which will challenge those very misconceptions! "Lifting the Myth of OCD" has been organised by Tracy Tainton who has first-hand experience of the condition. She has put together this event with the aim of bringing together those with lived experience of OCD, their loved ones and those who know nothing of OCD but would like to know more.

The condition is poorly understood and often poorly diagnosed. There’s a social stigma that goes with it that’s totally without justification. Eccentric behaviours like being neat and tidy, frequent handwashing, or avoiding dirt and germs is what most people think of, but OCD is a real mental health condition, which can be managed and treated with talking therapies and sometimes prescription drugs. We need to recognise it for what it is and get people the help that works for them,” says Tracy Tainton.

The event is sponsored by the Time To Change organisation which aims to help people re-think Mental Health  (time-to-change.org.uk).

This free event will take place on Monday 29th July from 6-9pm, at The Old Library, Muller Road, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6XP, and everyone is welcome!