Leyla's London Marathon

We've had a lot of fantastic fundraisers going to amazing lengths to help OCD Action this year. It's been a while since our last update back in March, so we'd like to let you know about some of the incredible things our fundraisers have been up to since then!

Firstly, we have Leyla Ari, one of OCD Action's brilliant Helpline Volunteers. Leyla has been a part of the charity for two years, and has helped a huge number of people through her work on the Helpline.

But this is not all she's done! On 28 April 2019, Leyla ran the London Marathon, taking on the 26.2 mile behemoth to raise funds for two wonderful charities that have had a strong impact on her life: OCD Action and the Little Buds Fund.

Leyla chose to support OCD Action due to having a loved one with the debilitating condition, which made her realise how difficult is coping with negative intrusive thoughts and how frustrating it can be to find the right support.

Leyla wrote:
The charity is very personal to me, because a loved one has batted with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) since he was 5 years old, he hid his illness because of the stigma attached to mental health, and felt people would not understand it. For him its not the stereotype of a little washing hands and being over tidy, but the constant scary and negative intrusive thoughts which become completely debilitating, causing anxiety and compulsive behaviour. Eventually he found the courage to seek help, and we got in touch with the charity OCD Action who were wonderful and helped him gain the confidence to tell people about his condition and seek professional help. As a volunteer myself, I know first hand experience the work OCD Action do, they give hope, reassurance and guidance to support people with OCD and to family members.

Along with OCD Action, Leyla chose to support Darent Valley’s Little Buds Fund due to another personal experience.

Leyla wrote:
Almost two years ago, my best friend had a special little girl born 2 months early. Kiera being born so prematurely, needed specialist care in hospital during the first month of her life. My friend also required support whilst she stayed in the hospital every day and night to be with her baby. Little Buds help the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit afford the specialist equipment they need to look after babies who are either sick or both early like Kiera. The amazing staff continue to support my friend and other families arranging monthly groups and events. Thanks to the support of 'Little Buds' Kiera is a very healthy beautiful girl.

Leyla's continued support for OCD Action, and inspiring commitment to helping others, is stunning. She smashed the Marathon, finishing in a brilliant 04:30:18! Equally impressive is her fundraising: she set a £300 target, but has ended up raising more £603.75 - 65% of which went to OCD Action! This will be a HUGE help to both OCD Action and the Little Buds Fund.

Well done Leyla, and thank you so much for your incredible help!

Want to support Leyla? You can still donate to her fundraising page!

Stay tuned, as we'll be updating you some more on other brilliant fundraising stories in the near future!