Leeds 10 London 10

Leeds and London. Two great cities, each with so much history and so much on offer.  Many differences exist between them, of course, and most Loiners and Londoners would no doubt be very divided on which is the greater city of the two.  But this weekend, Katie Maggs, in Leeds, and Alice Roberts, in London, will be totally united. And that's because, although 193 miles apart, separated by the North-South divide, they'll each be aiming to raise awareness of OCD, as well as funds to help those affected by the condition. And they'll each be facing a 10 kilometre challenge to achieve their aims, with Katie taking part in the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K and Alice taking part in the Vitality British 10K London.

There will be a slight difference in their approaches, however, as Katie has unfortunately developed sciatica during her training. But she's not one to give up easily, is Katie. So having consulted her doctor, she's going to be speed-walking rather than running her 10K in Leeds. We applaud her determination! Alice, meanwhile, will be taking the more conventional approach to a 10K and running the route. So as she points out, she "will be getting sweaty and crying". But of course, that might be what happens to Katie too.

And as we mentioned earlier, while one of them will be speed-walking the 10K and the other running it, both share the same goal - to raise awareness of OCD plus funds to help people affected by the condition.  As Alice says, "I want to raise awareness and money for OCD, a much misunderstood and debilitating illness which people live with for the rest of their lives ...".  And as Katie concurs, "I want to raise awareness of this disorder and help others like me that have had their lives severely affected by OCD".

So please do check out Katie's JustGiving page here and Alice's here and show them your support through a donation that will ultimately help OCD Action help others affected by OCD.  Katie has already raised a little over £100 (including Gift Aid) and Alice has already raised approaching the same amount (including Gift Aid) but with your support, we hope they'll both be able to raise even more.

And best of luck to both of you, Katie and Alice. We give each of you 10 out of 10 for your efforts.

If you're planning to walk or run a 10K -  or cycle, swim or hop one for that matter - or do any other kind of fundraising event to help people with OCD - just get in touch with Phil at or call him on 020 7253 5272. We'll do whatever we can to support you in your endeavours.