Laura's Weight Loss Mission

Fundraising can be a great excuse to also work on your own physical wellbeing. Whether it be through running, cycling, walking or swimming, people often use their fundraising target to motivate themselves to get healthier.

The latest fundraiser to do just that is Laura Moloney, who has decided to embark on a mission to lose a massive four and a half stone for OCD Action.

Laura has dealt with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since she was ten years old, although she didn’t always know OCD was the cause of her problems. Her worst period came when she was pregnant. About 20 weeks in Laura started being plagued with a flood of extremely distressing intrusive thoughts, which persisted throughout the pregnancy and for a significant amount of time afterwards. Fortunately Laura managed to see a doctor who told her that she wasn’t going insane and that her thoughts were because of OCD.

Laura doesn’t want other people to suffer in the way she did, without knowing that the horrible thoughts they experience have an explanation and can be treated. So she decided to do some fundraising for OCD Action.

Laura wrote:
For ages I've been wanting to raise money for this charity, so I kept saying to myself "Once I lose the weight I can do a half marathon or a cycling event or something physical like that.” So time went on and my weight yoyos up and down as usual and I realise... I'm never gonna be fit enough to do any of those ideas. Then I thought “Hang on… Why don't I lose the weight for charity?” This charity is so close to my heart it will surely spur me on!

This is a fantastic idea, and we’d like to wish Laura the best of luck and thank her for going to such lengths to raise donations and awareness to help people who are in the position she’s been in. We hope it has a positive effect on her own health too!

Laura has already managed to raise a stunning £193.75 (including Gift Aid). Her aim is to lose the weight by June so the fact she’s raised this much already is seriously impressive. So donate to her JustGiving page and help motivate her to get through it!

You can also donate by texting LAUZ63 and the number of pounds you would like to donate (e.g. LAUZ63 £5) to 70070.


N.B. While we think what Laura is doing is fantastic, we’d only recommend doing this kind of thing if you’re sure that it would be positive for your own health. If in doubt as to whether this would be beneficial, consult your doctor. Your own wellbeing is more important than anything else.