Lakes International Comic Art Festival: A huge success!

We’re pleased to announce that our partnership with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival at their 2016 festival has been a hugely successful!

A massive celebration of comic art in all its forms, the festival took over the town of Kendal on the weekend of 14th-16th October, and OCD Action was its official charity.

One of the highlights of the event was the 24 Hour Comic Marathon. Twelve big-name comic artists* were each given two hours to draw two pages of a comic, and the comic then went on sale at the event. But that’s not all! Written by the talented minds of Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters, the comic, Coelifer Atlas, told a story about somebody with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And all the proceeds from sales went to this charity, raising a stunning £375!

Wish you’d managed to snag a copy? It’s not too late! The brilliant retailer Page 45 is now selling Coelifer Atlas on their website, and the proceeds from it will still go to OCD Action. It’s well worth checking out, as it tells a really powerful story of a person struggling with OCD, and has art from people including The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard and Blankets creator Craig Thompson.

Get it here!

OCD Action also received a percentage of original artwork sold (raising £160) and other merchandise from the festival (raising £480).

We also had a nice surprise when the amazing Dr. Ian Williams (of Graphic Medicine and The Guardian’s Sick Notes) decided to donate a percentage of every copy of his graphic novel, The Bad Doctor, to OCD Action. So a huge thank you to Ian and all of the people at publisher Myriad Editions!

We had a presence at the festival ourselves, popping up to Kendal to host a stand where we informed people about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the services our charity runs. With help from the brilliant Finlay and Andrew Miles, we held this stand throughout the entire weekend. It was a really exciting, fun event with an incredible atmosphere, and we were made to feel very welcome. It was an amazing opportunity to spread knowledge about this misunderstood disorder to thousands of comic fans.

Overall, the Lakes International Comic Art Festival raised an absolutely incredible £1,135.42.

Special thanks goes to the festival’s Director, Julie Tait, who has put an astonishing amount of work into both running the festival and building our partnership with them.

Thank you all so much for everything you’ve done, and we look forward to working more together in the future!


*Artists were Dan Berry (editor), Craig Thompson, Charlie Adlard, Emma Vieceli, Petteri Tikannen, Bruce Mutard, Nick Brokenshire, Bryan Talbot, Ken Niimura, Joe Decie, Mike Medaglia and Jake Phillips.