Great North Run 2018: Meet our fundraising heroes!

This Sunday (9th September) is the Great North Run: the largest half marathon in the world, taking place in beautiful Newcastle. It’s a great time for the whole city to celebrate and enjoy the exciting run. But more importantly, it is also a great time for people to raise funds for the charities that are close to their hearts and fight for countless people who are desperate for help.

Once again, our fantastic heroes will be there to fundraise for OCD Action! We want to shout out their names in a loud voice: Scott Brown, Nick Pearson, and Richard Graham!  They will be taking on this incredible 13.1 mile run, running all the way from the centre of Newcastle city to the coast in South Shields!


Scott Brown

Scott is affected by OCD and has had his life hugely impacted by this exhausting disorder. Luckily, with the support of OCD Action, he has gradually confronted his inner fear and picked himself up from OCD. His experience with OCD allowed him to understand how debilitating this disorder could be. And as someone who has received help and recovered from OCD, he feels that now is time to give something back! This motivated him to join different runs to support more people who are still struggling with OCD, to help them stand up and fight against OCD, just like he has!

Scott wrote:
OCD tears families apart and leaves people isolated and exhausted. OCD ruins lives. It is a sad fact that many people with OCD delay seeking help. They put up with it for too long, perhaps thinking that nothing can be done or just not knowing where to turn. OCD Action believes in taking action. We want people affected by OCD to seek help, to understand their treatment options and find the support and motivation they need to fight back. OCD is treatable, it can get better.

Scott took on the Edinburgh Marathon earlier this year, and this weekend he is doing the Great North Run. He's been doing an absolutely SENSATIONAL job with fundraising: he's raised an amazing £995.63! Thank you so much Scott! We hope you smash both your running record and fundraising target on the coming Sunday!

Click here to donate to Scott’s Virgin Money Giving page!


Nick Pearson

In an effort to break the OCD stigma and the common misbelief regarding the terrible disorder, Nick has decided to take on the half marathon and help raise the public awareness of OCD, while also fundraising for OCD Action to help tackle the many issues people with OCD face in our society.

Nick wrote:
One of the greatest challenges that people with OCD face is the need to fight both the stigma of mental health disorders and the widely held belief that OCD is nothing more than exaggerated hand washing. Many people now use the term "a bit OCD-ish" without understanding the onerous nature of the disorder in its severe form.

By donating your hard-earned cash to OCD Action, you can help fund the great work performed by OCD Action. It is a sad fact that many sufferers still delay seeking help. Your donation can help early identification and treatment and further society's understanding of this complex disorder.

Nick has raised an incredible £510, smashing his original target! Thank you so much Nick, and we truly appreciate your commitment. Good luck with your run on Sunday!

Click here to donate to Nick’s JustGiving page!


Richard Graham

Since Richard was a child, his life has been severely affected by many different kinds of OCD symptoms. The appearance of clothing could transfix him to the point of distress if they didn’t look right or appear as they should. His anxiety about being a bad person forced him to repeat endless OCD rituals, burning away his energy and time. Due to the lack of research on OCD and awareness back when he is young, he was not able to seek any help from a GP or people around him, which made him even more confused and trapped by the disorder.

Fortunately, with the increasing awareness of OCD and other mental health issues, Richard is now able to get more support. His experience with OCD made him hope more than anything to help remove the stigma and lack of understanding of the condition. This is why he chose to take on the run and fundraise for OCD Action, which shares the mission with Richard.

Richard has raised a brilliant £120! We want to say a big, big thank you to Richard and best of luck on the day!

Click here to donate to Richard’s JustGiving page!


We also want to give a shout out to our current Youth Action Panel Chair, Richard Taylor (who needs no introduction!) He will also be running on Sunday to fundraise for another charity, CALM, which is dedicated to preventing male suicide.

Feeling moved by our runners' stories? Why not come along and cheer on our fantastic team? When they are taking on a tough endurance challenge, having supporters shouting their name can provide the much needed boost and refill their energy!

Thank you to all of our runners, and very best of luck - you're all doing OCD Action proud!


Article written by Terry Li Xiang Zhen