Facilitator Day 2016 round up!

On the Saturday 22nd October 2016, OCD Action’s Even Better Together support group project (funded by Big Lottery Fund) held its fourth annual Facilitator day in Birmingham (De Vere venues). The day is always a great opportunity for UK OCD/BDD & Hoarding support group facilitators to network, learn and share their experiences of running a peer support group. This year we welcomed 46 people, who represented 29 support groups.

It was a packed day and we ran sessions on the following…

  • Meditation and learning simple exercises you can use in your own support group – Richard Cox & Nicole Scnackenberg (BDD Foundation)
  • Safeguarding within a support group – OCD Action - Carol McKean (former social worker for 25 years)
  • Advocacy Workshop – OCD Action Advocacy Manager - Collette Byrne
  • Trichotillomania & Dermatillomania presentation and how to include people with these conditions in your support group – Samantha Wake (Dermatillomania UK) & Bethany Marshall
  • Drama Workshop - Difficult situations in group sessions and how to deal with them
  • A breakout session looking at topics raised by facilitators, including growing a group, how to keep members, how to get local support for you and your group, and how to look after yourself as a facilitator.              

Margaret Unwin - OCD Action's Director, on what makes a good Facilitator


Bethany Marshall and her presentation on Trichotillomania


So how did it go?

Feedback from the day has been excellent with 94% of attendees reporting the day was ‘Very Good’ and the remaining 6% stating it was ‘Good’.

Some feedback on what facilitators considered their highlight of the day…

“Presentation on skin picking & hair pulling. It provided understanding on an important area & helps better support those that have it”

“Role-play was very helpful, thinking about different scenarios you might not of thought about before and how to respond to them”

“All of it! And meeting like-minded individuals”

“Both the meditation workshop and advocacy workshop were excellent”


Some of the general comments about the Facilitator Day left in the Feedback forms…

 “Very friendly, informal, calm & informative”

“Very good annual event. Encourages you to keep group going”

“Brilliant. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet other facilitators, learn new things and connect with others. Well done!”

“Extremely well and impressively organised. I was a little doubtful beforehand about what I might get from the day but I needn’t have worried, I got a lot!”

“Excellent and committed OCD Action, Even Better Together Team”

“I really enjoyed today, lots of useful information and ideas to take back to the group. Valuable contacts.”

We were really pleased to see so many fantastic facilitators at the event, all taking part on behalf of their groups. A huge thanks to all of our wonderful speakers, actors and volunteers who made this event run so smoothly. We hope to see you all next year.