East of Eden

"She lifts, she cycles, she snot rockets with impeccable precision”. Check out the inspirational story of another amazing fundraiser: Eden Wilson!


Eden has had OCD since she was eight years old. Despite the condition affecting 2% of the UK population, for the following ten years Eden felt like she was alone. In January this year, Eden opened up about OCD for the first time to her family and friends. It's a journey that she wants no other child or adult to go through, and so she's determined to break the stigma that surrounds the condition - and mental health in general.

Eden's always been a keen cyclist. So now she's putting her passion to a good cause. This September she will cycle some 300 miles from London to Paris for OCD Action. 

So far she has raised approximately £1,800 for the charity. Her Dad, Alan (pictured with her below), has been a major support in helping Eden raise money. He completed a 1,000 mile challenge in July, bringing in £1,000 worth of donations.

Here's Eden's story:

"My name’s Eden and I have OCD. Phew - feels good to finally get that off my chest!

I’m going to be cycling from London to Paris this September for a UK charity called OCD Action to help raise awareness for the condition.

1 in 4 people experience some form of mental illness and almost 2% of the UK population have OCD. So it’s not the most uncommon thing, despite it being widely misunderstood.
Some people experience a form of OCD where you carry out rituals (compulsions) to help relieve anxiety. I had this as a kid but now I experience Pure O OCD (purely obsessional).

Pure O is hard to explain. It’s different for every person with the condition too. It’s essentially a really horrible fear or worry that you can’t stop thinking about. In turn you experience severe anxiety about the thoughts and so the cycle begins.

I’ve had OCD since I was a 8 years old. I didn’t understand it, but I obeyed it, for fear that something “bad” would happen.

I would hate to think of any other kid going through those motions to be as confused and upset as I once was. I hope by opening up about OCD, I can help shatter any stigma that’s attached to it for children and adults alike.

Since then, I’ve developed coping strategies to help combat OCD. Years of practicing these, understanding what it is, and now openly talking about it have all helped me become a much happier person. 

Mental health still has such a stigma. I’m only one person but I hope to encourage others to talk and together we can change the psyche of a nation.
Having OCD isn’t all bad too. It’s made me become a compassionate person, it’s helped me see the good in bad situations and it’s encouraged me to overcome any hurdle in life, no matter how scary. So thanks, OCD.

I’m literally happy with any support. Be it sharing this page for others to see, donating what you can manage or simply talking about mental health yourself.

Thanks for reading!


Well done Eden! Good luck with your upcoming cycling journey and thank you for all you're doing.

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