Connect Month - who, what, where?

The OCD Action Even Better Together (EBT) team work hard throughout the year to support the huge network of independent support groups throughout the UK. With over 90 local groups, and 11 online groups, this network provides vital support for people affected by OCD, BDD, Hoarding Issues, and Habit Disorders, including loved ones and carers. Despite this, we know that there are many poeple still unable to access a group, or who are unaware that these groups even exist. This is the reason for Connect Month.

Connect Month is an EBT initiative which encourages groups to do do three things (click the link for more information on each!):

Throughout February, many groups have been getting involved with Connect Month, so we wanted to tell you exactly what they had been up to.

Invite In

Reach Out

  • Birmingham (WMOCD) support group reached out to young people 16 and over in their community with OCD and invited them in to their group, accompanied by an adult.

Get Known

A big thanks to the EBT team, and all of the support groups who got involved with Connect Month this year. We hope that this initiative will continue to grow and grow.

For a full list on local and online support groups, click here.