Connect Month round up!

February was a very exciting month for our network of independent support groups, as it was Connect Month!

Connect Month ran throughout the whole of February. The aim of this initiative is to encourage support groups to connect with their local community, either to raise their profile, reach out to people who might face barriers to attending a support group or connect with people who can help the group and its existing members.

Our Even Better Together team asked support groups to pledge to do one task that fell under one of three following categories:

Reaching out

Reaching Out is about connecting with people who are affected by OCD (or a related disorder) who face a specific barrier to attending a support group and doing something to remove that barrier. This barrier might be physical (for example: a disability), cultural (for example: a language barrier, or religious fears) or cognitive (for example: a learning difficulty or other mental health condition.

Inviting in

Inviting In is about connecting with and inviting someone to your group who might be able to support your members, provide information, or benefit from listening to your members, so they in turn can help their own service users. They could be someone from local services, other organisations/charities, school/FE college representatives, someone from the OCD Action speaker list (via Skype) or anyone you think would benefit your members.

Getting known

Getting Known is about promoting your group and raising its profile in your community, to attract more people who might benefit from support.

Loads of support groups got involved with the action in a variety of exciting ways! Here's the lowdown of what happened (click on each link to see how the support group got involved!)...


As you can see it was a very busy and exciting month, and we hope these activities carry on throughout the year! If you would like to join a local or online support group, check out the groups page.