Better Kate than never

A few weeks ago we told you about the two fundraising runs that were coming up on the 17th April by the wonderful Katie and Eleanor, who were both running on behalf of friends or family with the disorder. We’ve been a while getting back to you on how they did, but don’t think that means they didn’t happen! Quite the opposite: they both took part in their runs, and they both smashed it!

You may remember Katie Stewart, who was inspired to take on the Plymouth Half Marathon by her friend, Esme (who you may know as the chair of our Youth Advisory Panel!) She not only finished the run, but managed to do it in 2 hours 22 minutes, which she’s “really happy” with. And she managed to raise a staggering £261.25 including Gift Aid! So well done Katie!

If anyone would like to support Katie in raising even more funds to help people affected by OCD, you can still make a donation through her fundraising page, here!

Here's a photo of Katie celebrating her victory:

You’ll also remember Eleanor Williams, who went and ran the Asda Foundation City of Lincoln 10k to raise money and awareness for both OCD Action and Muscular Dystrophy UK. It was billed as a “Big Sister” run due to her two sisters, Sophie and Imi, who are affected by OCD and Muscular Dystrophy respectively, and it’s safe to say that she did her siblings proud! She finished the run, and managed to raise an absolutely staggering £665 for the two charities, which is over £800 if you include Gift Aid!

If you'd like to, you can still support Eleanor in raising more funds to help people affected by OCD by making a donation through her fundraising page, here!

All this only makes us wish that everyone with OCD had friends and family as loving and understanding as Katie and Eleanor to take on challenges like this in order to help people with the disorder. So Katie and Eleanor, take a huge bow!

Do you have any similar events coming up? Or even an idea for a fundraising activity? Just let Phil know, at or on 020 7253 5272, and we’ll let the world know!